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"pull the bedcovers over your head, if you let them win then you're… - im lost for words... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 28th, 2006|11:13 pm]
"pull the bedcovers over your head, if you let them win then you're better off dead...let it go."
 Busted - Let it Go

mmm...i feel like ive fucked my boyfriend right off.
i can't be arsed to explain all of it.
today is his 15th birthday.
and today he asked me round his house with raymond and kane.
i said i'd have to ask my parents.
when i was walking home from school he called me up, asking me whether or not i was going over his.
again, i had to say that i didnt know yet, coz i still had to ask my mum.
so he said he'd call me back in a little while.
and he didn't.
and i didnt know whether or not he wanted ME to call him up or whatever, so i just basically left it,
thinking that maybe he didnt want me there coz he had raymond and kane with him or whatever.

now usually when he comes online he talks to me straight away, but today he didn't.
he didn't initiate a convo with me at all :/
and i was too scared to say anything to him coz im thinking he's fucked off at me.

so yeah, i dont know whats going on ...