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im actually feeling quite upset at the minute. and pissed off.… - im lost for words... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 1st, 2007|03:23 pm]
im actually feeling quite upset at the minute.
and pissed off.

yesterday, salv promised me that he would text me right?
and he didn't.
then today i find out he was texting laura instead.
now, im not bothered about it being salv, or whatever.

what fucks me off, is the fact he promised me something, then didn't do it.
i mean, its like, he can text others fine, but not me.
i just dont know what i've done. what makes ME stand out from all these other girls that he can't text me?

then he comes out with all this bullshit saying he HAD texted me saying hi n' shit.
but i didn't get that text.
so basically he didn't bother.
it hurts.

it hurts when nearly everyone else does it to you as well, but with different things.
im always the one left out or forgotten about.

so what the fuck am i to him and all those others i call friends? am i just this person with no feelings who people come to for help and everything i can possibly give them and thats it? afterwards im just used goods, waiting to be used some more later on? i mean, i DO EVERYTHING I POSSIBLY CAN for those people, and i get nothing in return most of the time.

thats right, not even one measly text.

maybe im just overreacting, but tbh, i really wouldn't mind crying at the minute.
and salv, next time, don't feed me bullshit, you fucking twat.