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a return? - im lost for words... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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a return? [May. 2nd, 2007|08:09 pm]

well well, after finally getting back my password for this account, i thought i'd better update it for all the existing lurkers on here
* i see you Priscilla =P xxx*

i'm still surviving this thing we call life quite soundly, a few bumps here and there, yet still running along smoothly.
im 15 now =)
me and scott made it to half a year last month,
salv still haunts me in different ways. no, that boy will never fuck off.
he has a new girlfriend and to be honest i don't give a shit about them, what he does now is down to him.
school is getting a tad hard now, we year 10's are getting our end of year exams in a few weeks, and i have teachers bugging me to get my coursework up to my target grade of an A, because they 'know' i can get those grades.
and i know i can aswell, but theres only so much i can handle =( i mean, i can never be rachael (super brainy girl in my class)
and i have over 4 pages of french coursework to memorise for my mock speaking exam next wednesday =/

i don't know...i think i've realised what life is all about now.
it gets harder and harder. i've passed the age where everything is all easy and carefree.
i just have so much to do...and its going too fast.

this journal will probably get more quieter and quieter, it contains too many memories.
but i don't feel like deleting it =)
so, if you still care...

love you all x